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          Machine Vision Server    
          Machine Vision Server
          Product data: Word PDF
          main application: Provides a high-stability
            • CPU:Intel i5 7400,6MB cache

            • IC Package: Intel H110 IC package

            • SSD: Kingston UV500 series 120GB mSATA3

            • Hard Disk: Not installed

            • Working Noise:≤18dB

            • Power Supply: 80plus Golden multi-mode 550W

            • 4-channel opto-isolated input/output

            • Multi-angle, multi-station, fast response

            • High stability, high precision, high life

            • ModBus RTU TCP/IP format communication

            • Dual RS232 serial port

            • Azimuth control of robot or PLC

          Appearance and Function Description:
          Machine Vision Server外觀及功能描述
          Machine Vision Server尺寸


          CPUIntel i5 7400, Kaby Lake LGA1151 3.0GHz 4-core 4-thread,; 6MB cache
          OSWindows 7 professional version
          MV SoftwareTEO image processing & arithmetic libraries
          IC PackageIntel H110 IC package
          Graph ControlIntel@ HD, graphics 630
          Memory SpaceKingston DDR4 2400 4GB
          SSDKingston UV500 series 120GB mSATA3
          Hard DiskNot installed
          Ethernet Port5 x 1000Mbps RJ45 port, compatible down, Intel i211,
          USB6 x USB2.0;  4 x USB3.0
          RS232 Port 2 x DP9 port,; p3:TXD, p2:RXD, p5:GND
          GP-In4 x separated optic-isolated RJ45 port; signal frequency: 1MHz
          GP-Out4 x separated optic-isolated RJ45 port; signal frequency: 4kHz
          Display Out1 x VGA 1920x1200@60Hz; 1 x DP 4096x2304@60Hz; Independent
          Audio Port1 x MIC input; 1 x stereo audio line output
          Heat RadiatingID-COOLING FROSTFLOW X120 hi-performance water-cooling system
          Working Noise18dB
          Power SupplyPFC 90~264VAC 50/60Hz 80plus Bronze multi-mode 300W
          ConsumptionApprox. 220W
          Watchdog255 degree timer, reset available; reboot automatically
          StabilityMTBF: 50,000 hours
          Adaptability0°C ~ +70°C environment temperature; 5% ~ 75% relative humidity
          Size/Weight222mm(W) x 181mm(H) x 285mm(D); approx.. 2.8kg


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