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          Author:Administrator   Published in:2020-06-09 16:00

          Visual inspection as its name implies is to use the machine to replace the human eye to do measurement and judgment, through professional cameras or professional industrial camera (CCD) camera, the image taking device (divided into CMOS and CCD two), will absorb the target into image signal transmitted to the image processing system, according to the pixel distribution and brightness, color and other information, converted to digital signal;The image system performs various operations on these signals to extract the target features, and then controls the on-site equipment operation according to the judgment results.Is a valuable mechanism for production, assembly or packaging.It is invaluable in detecting defects and preventing defective products from being delivered to consumers.

          Features of machine vision detection: improve production automation and flexibility.In addition, in the process of mass industrial production, machine vision detection equipment is more accurate and efficient.Next, Di takes you to understand the working principle of visual detection:

          The working principle of visual detection involves taking images of objects. First, the accuracy and quality must be guaranteed. The objects need to be detected and converted into data for system processing and analysis to ensure that they meet the quality standards of their manufacturers.Objects that do not meet quality standards are tracked and removed.

          It is important to understand how the visual inspection system works to evaluate its contribution to the operation of the company.The variables involved in setting up the visual detection system must be sufficient.Setting these variables correctly with the right tolerance is critical to ensuring an efficient and reliable operating system in a dynamic production environment.If a variable jumps or is incorrectly designed, the system will continuously error cull, proving that the use is unreliable.

          So it is very important to master the principle of visual detection.Shenzhen dior technology for global medical image, light dynamics, pioneer medical field of laser technology and product research and development to provide the highest quality most professional service, product covers industrial, medical machine vision systems and products, mainly includes the full range of industrial camera, image measuring specific industrial camera, visual inspection camera, gigabit network industrial camera, HDMI industrial camera, microscope, camera, high-definition pathological microscopic imaging conference system, pathological microscopic image analysis and remote consultation system.The products are widely used in scientific research institutes, hospitals and schools, factories and mining enterprises, cultural relics identification units, criminal investigation and justice, intelligent transportation and other industries.Welcome friends in the industry to inquire and cooperate.


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