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          Author:Administrator   Published in:2020-06-10 11:45

          Charge coupled Device, also known as CCD image sensor.CCD image sensor) is a kind of high sensitivity of semiconductor material used, it can transform optical fiber into charge, through the adc chip is converted into digital signals, digital signals after compression by the camera's internal flash memory card or built-in hard disk to save, so can easily transmit the data to a computer, and with the aid of computer processing, according to the requirements to modify the image.

          At present, there are two core imaging components in digital cameras: one is widely used CCD(image sensor) components, and the other is CMOS(complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor). Now let's have a look at the relevant knowledge of CCD cameras:

          At the same resolution, CMOS is cheaper than CCD, but the image quality produced by CMOS devices is lower than CCD. Most consumer grade and high-end digital cameras in the market use CCD as sensors.

          At present, Suggestions for CCD camera selection are as follows:

          1. Appropriate resolution

          According to their own requirements, the accuracy is required, and the pixel accuracy of CCD camera is backcalculated as follows: the single-direction resolution of the camera = the single-direction field of view divided by the theoretical accuracy.

          2. Adequate camera frame rate

          For example, when shooting objects in motion, a CCD camera with a higher frame number should be selected. Generally speaking, the higher the resolution, the lower the frame number.

          3. The right lens

          The size of the lens supporting CCD should be larger than or equal to the size of the CCD sensor chip of the camera. In addition, the interface of the mounting seat C, CS or F should also be matched. At the same time, the working distance of the CCD camera and whether there is enough space should also be considered.

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