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          Author:Administrator   Published in:2020-06-13 10:04

          Gigabit network industrial camera is widely used, and by many users.So what is the concept and characteristics of gigabit industrial camera?Let small di interpret relevant knowledge for you.

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          Gigabit network industrial cameras mainly use high-performance, high-resolution CMOSA chip, its resolution from 300,000 to 5 million pixels, the acquisition speed is also very fast, from 15 to 90 frames, compared to 1.3 million industrial cameras and 5 million industrial camera users can produce according to their own

          Need to choose the right enterprise's industrial camera.

          Gigabit network industrial camera, as the name suggests, is to output integrated data through the gigabit network interface, which can quickly process the data. In addition, gigabit industrial camera also supports flash, hot plug and trigger and other functions, making its network port camera operation simple, cost-effective, perfect system construction.

          Gigabit network industrial camera features:

          1. Because the network interface is excellent, the data can be output through the network interface at a high speed, up to 120m/s.

          2. Gigabit industrial cameras generally adopt CCD or CMOS sensor chips with good performance, which makes gigabit industrial cameras have excellent sensitivity.

          3. Gigabit industrial cameras are capable of shooting a static image in a wide dynamic range, and can automatically block out some noise.

          4. The high performance of the built-in sensor chip enables excellent stability in the working process. No matter how complex the working environment is, it can adapt to the work without affecting the work.

          5. Can control the output of electronic shutter, family, shape exposure and flash.

          6. It is compatible with all versions of Windows.

          7. Provide corresponding SDK development tools to customers to facilitate users to add or delete some applications for secondary development.

          8. Compatible with some common visual development software, such as LABVIEW, HALCON, MIL, OPENCV, etc., no additional installation of other software or simplified operation procedures are required.

          9. Compact appearance, strong, long service life.

          Above is the concept and characteristics of gigabit network industrial camera, if you are also interested in gigabit network industrial camera, you can go to the small di official website to consult or leave a message.

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