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          company culture
          Team, Zhen good life, demonstrated the value of benefits

          The spirit of enterprise
          Integrity, Houde, dedication, responsibility


          Quality first, continuous improvement and optimization concepts, perfect model
          Responsible for the matter, focusing on methods passion happiness, gratitude
          Teamwork, pride in each other hard, frugal to Germany
          Fast and efficient, strengthen the implementation eliminate shirk, the courage to take
          Performance-oriented, process control systems and regulations that everyone comply

          Business philosophy

          In concept to guide operations in the mode to win customers, products bearer service

          Basic Strategy
          The pursuit of quality, improve service. Around the "big security" strategy, product sales for the pilot to system design, system integration as the focus. Deepen and perfect one-stop solution for the whole system equipment supply and technical services.

          Adhere to the concept of optimization mode, continuing operations, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises, using their own advantages in technology development, system design, service support and operational involvement, based on video technology for all-round, multi-sector penetration and expansion.

          development Goals
          International brands in the field of security, internationalization, systematic management. Achieve industry-leading in the industry segments to maintain the excellent position.

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